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Preferred Alternative

The results of public outreach showed that the community was supportive of transitioning to a grid system with high frequency corridors, later evening service, and expanded weekend service. Additionally, making improvements to address on-time performance issues, improve service reliability, and provide better connections to northeast Oklahoma City emerged as priorities.


Fully transitioning to a grid system would require a significant expansion of service over existing levels of investment and is best implemented in a phased approach. As such, this Preferred Alternative is divided into two sections:

  • Short-Term Recommendations - Include service changes that integrate the Northwest Bus Rapid Transit line with local service, address on-time performance, and extends service to new destinations. These improvements may be implemented in the next several years.

  • Long-Term Recommendations - Include a series of cost-unconstrained improvements that would require additional funding and may be implemented over approximately 10 years. Individual improvements in the Long-Term Recommendations are costed separately so that specific priorities may be implemented and phased independently.

More information on the Short-Term and Long-Term Recommendations is available below:

Interactive Map

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Individual Route Change Maps

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Route Change Descriptions and Service Plan

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Presentation Slides


What is This Study About?

The purpose of OKC Moves is to assess the existing conditions of bus service Central Oklahoma and explore ways to improve the bus system.


OKC Moves will use technical analysis and input from people like you to design a bus system that meets the needs of the community.


The study provides numerous opportunities for community input.


The outcome of the study will be a detailed plan for bus improvements and investments.

Here are some ways you can get involved:


We evaluated the existing bus routes.

Check out the results here!

Read the Existing Conditions Report!

We completed an Existing Conditions Report for the OKC Moves Bus Study. The purpose of this report is to summarize the background conditions in which the City’s transit system operates and provide a comprehensive evaluation of existing service characteristics and system performance. 

Watch the presentation to hear updates on the project

A video recording of previous virtual open houses are also available.

Project Timeline

The purpose of OKC Moves is to assess the existing conditions of bus service Central Oklahoma and explore ways to improve the bus system.

January - March

Existing Conditions

Includes data collection and evaluation of existing services

April - June

Initial Service Alternatives

Determine service improvements for system efficiency


Community Outreach

July - November


Define near- and short-term recommendations for implementation


Community Outreach

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Here are the existing bus routes:

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