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In the Spring of 2021, the OKC Moves project team gathered feedback from the community through an online survey, public meetings, and discussions with stakeholders.

Using feedback we received during this phase of community outreach, three transit vision scenarios have been developed to guide future improvements of EMBARK service. Each scenario sets a different vision for the future of bus service and has different benefits and tradeoffs. All scenarios will require a more than doubling of the operating dollars and show long-term potential improvements. Additional revenues will be required to implement them. None of these vision scenarios represent a commitment by EMBARK or a City to provide these services. It should be noted that the 2012 Transit Service Plan also included a vision for transit that required significant additional funding. Much of this funding did become available and allowed EMBARK to add service.

All scenarios are concepts at this time. The preferred scenario will likely contain a combination of recommendations from each of the three scenarios rather than a scenario in its entirety. 


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Transit Vision Scenarios

The three transit vision scenarios are as follows:

  • Grid Scenario - emphasizes direct service along major north-south and east-west streets to create a stronger grid network with more connections outside of downtown OKC.

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  • Radial Scenario - emphasizes service into and out of downtown OKC and would continue to have most transfers taking place in the downtown area.

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  • Hybrid Scenario - combines several elements from the Grid and Radial Scenarios by adding several north-south and east-west routes while continuing to emphasize downtown service.

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Common Scenario Themes


All three scenarios include several common themes, including:

  • Integrate local routes with the Northwest BRT route

  • Improve number of buses running on time 

  • Routes operating later in the evening

    • Weekday until midnight

    • Saturdays until 11:00 p.m.

    • Sundays until 10:00 p.m.

  • Additional high frequency service corridors (buses every 15 minutes)

  • Direct service to the Airport

  • Service to warehouse and distribution employment centers near Council Road, including Amazon and Hobby Lobby

  • Service to new cities

    • Del City

    • Moore

    • The Village

  • On-Demand service


What is This Study About?

The purpose of OKC Moves is to assess the existing conditions of bus service Central Oklahoma and explore ways to improve the bus system.


OKC Moves will use technical analysis and input from people like you to design a bus system that meets the needs of the community.


The study provides numerous opportunities for community input.


The outcome of the study will be a detailed plan for bus improvements and investments.

Here are some ways you can get involved:


We evaluated the existing bus routes.

Check out the results here!

Read the Existing Conditions Report!

We completed an Existing Conditions Report for the OKC Moves Bus Study. The purpose of this report is to summarize the background conditions in which the City’s transit system operates and provide a comprehensive evaluation of existing service characteristics and system performance. 

We held a virtual Town Hall on Thursday, October 14th

A video recording of the virtual open house is now available.

A video recording of the virtual open house from April 16th, 2021 is also available.

Project Timeline

The purpose of OKC Moves is to assess the existing conditions of bus service Central Oklahoma and explore ways to improve the bus system.

January - March

Existing Conditions

Includes data collection and evaluation of existing services

April - June

Initial Service Alternatives

Determine service improvements for system efficiency


Community Outreach

July - November


Define near- and short-term recommendations for implementation


Community Outreach

EMBARK Bus.png

Here are the existing bus routes:

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